Roberta® – unlimited promoting digital education

“For many years now, the technical and scientific advancement of pupils has been an important concern at Fraunhofer IAIS. The teaching of basic knowledge in these areas is not only essential for securing the future generation of skilled workers and thus for Germany as a business location, but also because life in our increasingly digitalized world requires a high degree of technical and media competence.”


Prof. Dr. Stefan Wrobel
Head of Fraunhofer IAIS

Roberta Brochure

You can find all information about the Roberta Initiative and our work in the Roberta Brochure.

Roberta Brochure
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Smartphones in your pocket, interactive whiteboards in the classroom, learning apps on the tablet - in the 21st century, digital media are helping children and young people to get along with their everyday lives. Girls and boys intuitively learn to operate electronic devices from an early age. But how do young “users” become active designers of our digital future?

The initiative “Roberta® - Learning with robots“ takes young people into the digital world. Since 2002, the educational program of the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS has been training teachers throughout Germany and beyond. With its successful educational concept, the initiative has already trained more than 1500 teachers and thus reached more than 400,000 pupils. In addition to innovative robot modular systems, experiments and target group-specific teaching materials, the initiative offers support and further training in order to establish technology education and the interest in STEM subjects in schools on a sustainable basis.

By having certified Roberta Teachers construct and program fascinating robots with their students, they prove that not only the use of modern technologies is exciting, but that they can also create and design something new!