The Roberta Network

As part of the activities of the Roberta Initiative, a network has been established and constantly grown since its inception in 2002. In addition to the certified Roberta Teachers, cooperation partners such as universities, educational, cultural, and research institutions as well as associations and institutions that are committed to the promotion and dissemination of STEM education are active in this network. An essential characteristic is the application or dissemination of one or more sub-areas of the Roberta concept developed by Fraunhofer IAIS.

Existing parts of the Roberta Network are Roberta Regio Centers and Roberta Coaches, the Open Roberta Coding Hubs as well as the Open Roberta Developer Community

Roberta Regional Centers

From Munich to Kiel or from the Rhein-Sieg district to Lausitz: The Roberta Regional Centers (RRC) are being set up nationwide to support Roberta Teacher on site. Institutions whose core area of activity is the education and training of young people have been selected as RRCs. Teachers can, for example, rent robot construction kits if there is no material available at the respective schools. In addition, extra-curricular courses and workshops are offered in RRC.


Open Roberta Coding Hubs

Fraunhofer IAIS offers “Open Roberta Coding Hubs” nationwide, supported by Google Zukunftswerkstatt, as a further contact point for all those who want to program robots and microcontrollers outside school. For this purpose, existing learning venues such as libraries, museums or media competence centers will be equipped with laptops and learning-oriented hardware, such as robotics kits and microcontrollers, which are available free of charge for educational purposes. In addition, there are workshops for individuals or classes on site.


Roberta Coaches

The Fraunhofer IAIS offers "Roberta Teacher Trainings" in order to support teachers in the classroom as well as pedagogical specialists in the extracurricular sector throughout Germany. The Roberta training courses may only be conducted by Roberta Coaches: A Roberta Coach has a proven expertise in didactical, pedagogical and technical areas, must have participated in the Roberta training courses and must have been active as a Roberta instructor for at least one year prior to being certified as a Roberta Coach.


Open Roberta Developer Community

Open Roberta welcomes everyone who is interested and wants to help us develop Open Roberta. To exchange information within the Open Roberta Community we have installed a Google Group.

Open Roberta Google Group

Anyone who wants to co-develop the open source code of the Open Roberta Lab will find all information in our Open Roberta repository at github.

Open Roberta repository at github