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As part of their “corporate social responsibility”, more and more companies are making a contribution to society. They use their privileged position in business and politics to tackle problem areas - especially those that affect themselves or their environment. Targeted CSR measures not only have a positive impact on the company's image, but also have a lasting effect on the industry and thus on the company's success.

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As a “Roberta” partner, you accompany young people on their way into the world of pixels and bytes and sustainably support the spread of “Open Roberta”. We look forward to promoting the technical and media competence of tomorrow's experts with your cooperation.

Our partners

Google Zukunftswerkstatt

“Google has been working for many years and with many initiatives for the promotion of information technology in education and training as well as open source software. We are very pleased to place our commitment to both goals on an even broader footing with `Open Roberta´. I wish the Fraunhofer Institute IAIS and the Roberta teachers every success with this initiative and hope that together we will be able to inspire even more girls and boys with enthusiasm for robotics, software development and computer science.“
Wieland Holfelder, Google

The Open Roberta project was initiated with the support of to overcome the hurdles for programming robots for students and teachers. As part of the Google Zukunftswerkstatt, promotes the dissemination of the Roberta concept and the further development of Open Roberta.

Fraunhofer Academy

The Fraunhofer Academy's task is to integrate advanced training courses offered by Fraunhofer Institutes into the continuing education market. The Fraunhofer-Academy supports Roberta as an initiative of the Fraunhofer IAIS to continuously professionalize the concept and structure of the initiative.


In cooperation with Christiani, the Roberta Box was further developed in 2016. The Roberta Box combines the innovative and open learning platform “Open Roberta Lab” with the proven “LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education EV3” system. The box contains a compilation of LEGO® Education and Roberta elements: On this basis, Roberta courses can be conducted with the Fraunhofer programming language “NEPO®”, which is used in the Open Roberta Lab.


The Wilhelm Stemmer Foundation has been supporting the Roberta Initiative since 2012 to promote STEM education in Bavaria. To this end, the Roberta Teacher Training Foundation supports training courses, so that this support alone has enabled more than 100 Bavarian teachers to be trained as Roberta Teachers.

Calliope gGmbH

With the Calliope mini, primary school children are already learning how a mini-computer works. In the Open Roberta Lab everyone can playfully program the Calliope mini. If you don't have a star-shaped mini-computer at hand, you can test your programs in the SIM.


The “Fraunhofer-Talent-School” is a program for talented and technically interested pupils of the tenth to thirteenth grade who would like to deal with current scientific problems in workshops. The workshops are led by scientists from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Within this framework, the Roberta Initiative also offers workshops for young talent.