Learning to program intuitively in the Open Roberta Lab

The "Open Roberta® Lab" is a freely available, cloud-based, open source programming environment that makes learning programming easy - from the first steps to programming intelligent robots with multiple sensors and capabilities.

Minimize technical and technical hurdles

The free platform can be used at any time and without installation effort by any device with a standard Internet browser - regardless of whether it is used on a PC, Mac or tablet. This minimizes the technical and technical hurdles for both teachers and students.

Thanks to the intuitive Fraunhofer graphical programming language NEPO, which is spoken in the “LAB“, simple and sophisticated programs can be created in no time at all. Like puzzle pieces, the NEPO programming blocks can be plugged together.

Programming without (real) robots

But even if you don't own a robot, you can easily learn programming in the Open Roberta Lab - the simulation (SIM) makes it possible!


It can also be used, for example, to test your own programs in advance or to upload playing fields for competitions.

With the Open Roberta Lab, the Roberta Initiative offers a simple and user-friendly programming interface for beginners and advanced users.

NEPO® programming language

Simple, colorful and clear - the programming interface from Open Roberta gives children and young people intuitive and playful access to programming. The reason for this is the graphic programming language NEPO® developed at Fraunhofer IAIS:

Instead of using complicated text lines, NEPO uses visual puzzle building blocks that can be easily and intuitively dragged and dropped together in the lab. Even without previous knowledge, initial programming successes can be achieved quickly.


Join the coding community! If you have an account in the Lab, you can easily store your NEPO programs in the cloud and share them with others.


In addition: Open Roberta welcomes everyone who is interested in helping us to develop Open Roberta! For the exchange within the community we have installed a Google Group.

Who should register for this?

  • All those who want to engage in a general discussion about open, scalable and sustainable Open Roberta solutions and best practices for school education.
  • If you are interested in regular updates at Open Roberta
  • Anyone who wants to test Open Roberta Lab or needs support for installation, configuration and implementation.
  • Anyone who wants to help others use Open Roberta Lab